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Inspect Your Elders

Nov 6, 2017

My guest is Lisa M. Cini of Columbus, OH.  She is an author, designer, entrepreneur amongst other things.  Her passion is using design and technology to change the way people live for the better, particularly older people.  She is the founder of

Oct 22, 2017

Bill is a retired teacher, school administrator, and performance coach.  He shares some of his most impactful life experiences and how it forced him to grow as a person.  We draw some parallels to my experience and the challenges and lessons different phases of life can bring.

Oct 5, 2017

Dr. Logan is an author, pilot, and a retired professor of interdisciplinary anthropology. He joins me for a conversation on the value of having elders contribute their acquired knowledge to reinforce ritual and structure in society for long term social stability particularly as it relates to young men. Special...

Aug 14, 2017

Stu Webb is a former pharmacist and lawyer from a small town in rural Iowa.  He is considered to the be founding father of collaborative law in the United States.  I sit down with him at his place to discuss what led him down this path, and ultimately his becoming a non-dual person.  We close the conversation on his...

Jul 16, 2017

The show is back.  I meet up with Shelby Andress, a woman who has dedicated her life to the advancement of humanity though teaching and stewardship.  We discuss her life's work as she ages, the pain of losing her husband to Alzheimer's disease, and how she reevaluates who she is at each new stage in life.